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Analysed Maps

Measurements of pollutant concentrations are considered within the simulation chain, and allow to subsequently draw up so-called analysed maps on a daily basis, which, in turn, are based on concentrations simulated by the available models and data. These maps are generated twice a day, in the early and late afternoon, once enough observations have been made to provide representative information.

<h1>Analysed Maps</h1>

The mathematical method used to carry out the analyses is a geostatistical process that allows to adjust the raw simulations produced by the modelling process in order to reduce the difference between calculations and measurements taken at the observation points. The adjustment depends directly on the errors made by the model at the points where pollutant measurements are available.

Only areas where observations have been conducted are analysed, since the adjustments are considered to be unreliable where only few measurements are available.

WARNING!!! The analysed maps take into account observation data provided in real time, which are not subject to a complete checking procedure. Since these data may be adjusted later, the maps may change accordingly. Moreover, the number of observations available everyday is variable and may turn out to be insufficient to satisfactorily adjust the concentrations simulated by the model