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Air Quality forecasts in
the PREV'AIR System

Three-day air quality forecasts are drawn up everyday and published via the PREV’AIR system. They are provided for ozone, nitrogen dioxide and particles, three pollutants hat are regulated in accordance with their impact on health and the environment. Particle-related information is divided into two categories: PM10, particles with a diameter of less than 10µm, and PM2.5, particles with a diameter of less than 2.5µm

The forecasts are available on different spatial scales according to pollutant types:

  • Over the Globe, Europe and France for ozone;
  • Over Europe and France for nitrogen dioxide,
  • On a European scale for particulate matter.

The spatial resolution at the global, European and French scales is respectively equal to 4°, 0.5° and 0.1°

WARNING!!! The air quality forecasts published via PREV’AIR are obtained from a numerical modelling process. They are thus flawed by uncertainties relating to the status of scientific knowledge in the field of the physics and chemistry of air pollution, as well as by the quality of the input data required for the model’s operation.

The forecasts for each area are carried out in several stages:

  • A weather forecast stage
  • An air quality forecast stage
  • In the case of one area overlapping another, the air quality forecast for the "overlapping" area needs the forecast to have first been carried out for the larger area.
Air Quality forecasts in the PREV'AIR System

The expected concentrations are available on this server in graphic (forecast maps) and numerical formats (demande d'accès à des données numériques ).