PREV'AIR pollution

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Input Data to the PREV'AIR System

The following input data must be entered into the PREV'AIR system in order to forecast daily air pollutant concentrations:

  • Meteorological data: the models are forced by the forecasts issued by several meteorological centers: the CHIMERE model makes use of the NCEP (National Centers for Environmental Prediction) forecasts, refined using the MM5 meso scale meteorological model; as to the MOCAGE model, it makes use of the Météo France forecasts.
  • Boundary concentrations data: as far as the CHIMERE model is concerned, the boundary concentrations data are derived from 3D chemistry-transport global models such as MOZART (Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hambourg) or GOCART (National Aeronautics Space Administration) for the aerosol version of the model. MOCAGE is run in a nested way: concentrations computed at the global scale are used as boundary concentrations at the European or France scales.
  • Emissions data come from the EMEP program. These data are available over Europe at a 50kmx50km resolution. They are provided as annual totals for NOx, SOx, CO and Non Methanic Volatile Organic Compounds (NMVOCs), distributed over the SNAP activity sectors. The NMVOCs speciation for each SNAP sector comes from the AEAT/ENV/R/0545 report (2002); this speciation is provided on 227 real chemical species. The (monthly, daily, hourly) temporal variations are provided by IER (Institut für Energiewirschaft und Rationelle Energieanwendung, Germany).
  • Land cover inventories come from the GLCF (Global Land Cover Facility)data bases; vegetal type inventories are based on literature review (Simpson et al., 1999) .
  • Models are initialized daily with the concentrations computed the day before for D+0, 00h00 UT.